Steel section tubing and channel


The CE Mark: safety in construction.

Quality at the service of safety

The harmonisation of the legislative, regulatory and administrative dispositions of the members states of the European Union has led to the issue of European Directive 89/106/EEC – CPD (Construction Products Directive) which imposes the use of CE marked materials in structural applications to ensure that the work is done in such a way as not to constitute a hazard for persons, animals or property. For these reasons, the scope of application of the CPD is that of construction “works” and the “materials” intended to be incorporated in the works. However, the directive provides for application of the CE mark to the materials and not to the resulting structures themselves.

Structural steel tubing falls into the category of materials for use in civil, industrial and private constructions, and as such is subject to the provisions of European Directive 89/106/EEC.

The CE mark on the tubing guarantees that the materials comply with the applicable EU dispositions and that they have been tested for conformity.

It is the responsibility of the director of works to censure that the products employed in the construction are in possession of the conformity requirements set out in the European Directive and to “REFUSE any non-conforming supplies, without prejudice to the manufacturer’s responsibilities and liabilities”.

The manufacturer of CE marked tubing is required to set up a Factory Production Control (FPC) system on the part of his line in question, to support it with adequate documentation and to issue and maintain a Declaration of Conformity which authorises him to mark his products with the CE Mark.

The CE Mark is placed directly on the product itself or on its packaging documents.

It is accompanied by the number of the FPC document, the number of the European Directive in question, the description of the product and information regarding its regulatory characteristics.

Products bearing the CE Mark can circulate freely within the European market and may not be stopped for additional controls and inspections.

Starting from September 2008, Sider Vasto Spa is authorised to use the CE Mark, having obtained FPC certification n. 0038/CPD/20080018/A, issued by a notified agency authorised to issue the said certification on completion of a thorough evaluation of the company’s processes and approval of their conformity, and having also established a schedule of inspections.

CE Certification

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